Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick Greeting

I'm in meetings all day this week and have evening activities every day until Friday, so I won't be posting a lot. But here's a photo of that wool I talked about last time, the Leicester Longwool. It is from Brindle Hill, it says.

The only knitting news I have is good! I got through the second repeat of Chart B on Maelstrom, which means there is just one more repeat to go before the border, if I make it the size in the instructions. I still have a small amount of yarn left in the first ball, too. I am pretty sure that will give me enough for the last repeat and the border, at least I hope.

My only worry is that it seems pretty small. It may end up being a table cloth. Of course, I can't tell how it will block, so I will keep positive. Whatever size it is, it will be pretty. Have a good week, and if I get a chance on Thursday or Friday, I will write more.

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