Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nana's Afghan, At Last

Nana's Afghan
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Quite some time ago a mom I met at lacrosse games came to me with a sad spectacle--the afghan her mother-in-law had knitted for her as a wedding gift had accidentally gotten in the way of the vacuum cleaner, leaving a gaping hole with horrible black edges where it went into the vacuum. I thought and thought about fixing it, and worked on it a bit back when I was working at the university as detailed here and here (so long-time readers will remember this story).

I had been thinking that I really should pick it back up, which I hadn't since my traumatic bad job experience happened, when the lady who owned it called and said she needed it--they are moving! So, I did it. I knit up all the good parts of the yarn and had to use a couple of the short strands from the damaged part in order to end it at the right spot. But yay, I did it. And it is lovely. They won't even know where the problem was. And I honestly don't think it will be discernibly shorter, either. This is a BIG afghan, and I am happy that I will be able to return it to its home, with all its original yarn intact.

I've been feeling sort of bad that I haven't been doing a good job on knitting for others (for example, I have red yarn for Suzanne that I have not worked on yet, and I did not start Katy's baby afghan yet). At least this one is done. I am making progress on getting unfinished issues addressed, not only in knitting, but at home too--today I got new tires and the 30,000 mile service done on my car, and next week the trim on the house is getting repaired and repainted. That is VERY exciting to me. Now, to just get all those wedding things done.

I'm saving some photos of the beads on the Wrap Me Up shawl for tomorrow. Stay tuned!


I forgot, I was going to share the pattern again:

Cast on a multiple of 12. This afghan had 84 stitches.

Row 1: K
Row 2: P
Row 3: [k2tog] 3 times, *[Yo, k1] 6 times, [K2tog] 6 times* until last 6 stitches, [K2tog] 3 times.
Row 4: P

Repeat these 4 rows for pattern. ending at row 4, then bind off.


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