Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comfort Socks on the Way

Comfort Socks
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Since it is the weekend, I can see Flickr and post images. Or get to my ones on disk to upload them. Here are the Comfort Socks I am knitting for Suzanne's father-in-law. I got tired of the ribbing I had started out with, so am using a textured pattern that sort of looks like one I used before but isn't quite it. It looks pretty good, so I think I'll write it up when I am done. I am getting close to the heels on these, so that means it won't be too long until I can do that. These are pretty socks, and I love the Mine Shaft colorway on Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock.

I got an offer to teach some additional knitting classes, which I'd like, other than it being sort of far away. I'd like to do an intro class that lasts more than two hours (the ones I do always end up longer than that anyway), and using my own patterns. I wish I had a bunch of places to teach knitting and could ditch the other job--ha ha, wishful thinking there!

I got my friend Nancy going on the border to her shawl that looks just like my Silky Kerchief. She is rolling along on the edging now, but doing an applied edging is not an easy concept to grasp. I could see her thought process (HUH? What am I doing?) and remembered having the same disbelief and having trouble wrapping my mind around how it would work. That was in 1989 when I was making my first Pi shawl! That edging ended up fine, but I sure started it a lot of times. I wish I'd had a live knitting teacher and not just EZ in a book (as good as she is!).

I am looking forward to Kid 'N Ewe in two weeks. I will be sure to write down how much yarn certain projects I want to do will take, so I don't waste purchases.

Well, off to look at all the photos on people's blogs that I couldn't see during the week, and to keep moving down those socks. I just can't decide whether I love or hate doing two socks at the same time. I do love them being the same and being finished when they are finished, but keeping all the yarn straight and tugging the needle so much gets old. I will keep thinking on that. What do you readers think?

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