Friday, October 3, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, Got More Yarn

Noro Silk Garden and Cash Iroha
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I broke down and got more yarn on Wednesday. I had BETTER make the Wrap Me Up shawl, because I spent a wad of money on ten balls of Silk Garden and three balls of Cash Iroha for it. I do love the colors. The Cash Iroha is on the left, and is dark navy. The Silk Garden has fuschia, some other purple, navy, brown and black. It is one of the more subdued colorways, but since it has all the colors of pants I wear (no, NOT fuschia), I figure it will go with a lot of stuff. I do look forward to making the shawl and working on it with people. I'll have to do it along with the OpArt blanket for Charlie, future baby of Katy. Those are both projects I look forward to!

But, before that I HAVE to finish the afghan that was eaten by the vacuum cleaner for that friend of mine. I totally forgot to finish the last six rows of it. I will take it to the LYS tomorrow and get that DONE.

Then I can finish the LAST row of Maelstrom. The penultimate row went very slowly, because I had made a pattern error in the antepenultimate row and had to patiently turn K3tog into K2tog all across the 800 stitches. Then I found I had forgotten to put beads in a couple of times. I think I was sleep knitting or something. Tonight there will be no Maelstrom or the afghan, as it's football night. I will at least get a bit more done on the socks, which are showing signs of approaching the toe.

Tomorrow, though. Knit, knit, knit. And teach, teach, teach. I will have some fun stuff to help people with, so I look forward to that. Then I get to look forward to the return visit of Jody, which I hope includes some knitting. We do so miss her in the comments, but it will be even nicer to see her, and her handspun, and her lace, in person. I hope we can get together with other friends while she's here! Gosh, I might have to use the PHONE and call someone.

Happy knitting to you all. And use the phone. It doesn't bite. Often.

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