Friday, October 17, 2008

Wrap Me Up with Beads

Wrap Me Up with Beads
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I am so proud of these beads that I am giving them their own post. I was very unhappy with the first bunch of beads I had put in this section of the Wrap Me Up shawl. I used whatever random beads I owned that had holes big enough to get through two strands of Cash Iroha, plus a couple from a cute set of knitting themed beads my boss had gotten me. It was not pretty. Lumpy and ugly is more like it. Yet another unsuccessful Suna Beading Experience.

So, on Tuesday I went to Michael's hobby store at lunch to try to find something with big holes that was not ugly. I quickly determined that even cheapo beads all come with small to medium holes, at best. I found some round wooden beads that would do, for just $2. Then, on a shelf separated from the rest of the seed and glass beads, I found some shiny beads in little bags. Some were lampwork and the like, but others were large round beads, but faceted. They were all sort of garish colors, and I tried in vain to find purple or blue. Then I saw these sort of aqua beads with a pink liner (that conveniently looks lilac through the blue). I figured that if they didn't work, it would be no harm, as it was less than $3 for the package (only about 20 beads).

When I got home and started putting them on the dark blue background, I was thrilled. They pop, but just enough, and really bring the colors of the surrounding yarn into the accent color band. Isn't it pretty?

I have to say I just love the knitting on this wrap. I am now in a section of seed stitch where you alternate balls of yarn every two rows, so you are in two different parts of the striping sequence. The colors merge so nicely. The designer just did a great job on this pattern.

Yeah, I am still putting borders on Maelstrom. Slowly.

I'll finish a sock today on the band bus. Honest, I will photograph my current socks. I just keep forgetting.

So, onward and upward. Since I need to make fingerless gloves for my wedding ensemble, I am guessing I won't get much "gift knitting" done this year. But I will try. I know Lee wants a particular item or two, and I have an idea for a kid or two, but the time...


  1. oh, wow, mitts for your wedding ensemble - also with beads? What colour :-)

  2. I really, really love this! The beads are perfect, and the striping pattern is rich and interesting.

  3. It looks great! I've made the wrap-me-up shawl too, and I loved making it. What fun to learn all the different stitches.

  4. That's very pretty and I can't wait to see the gloves!


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