Monday, October 20, 2008

Blogging Can Be Challenging

Simple Sock
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Gosh, I had no idea I would not have done this blog entry until now. I had been planning on doing it early yesterday afternoon! That darned life, getting in my way like that!

I just wanted to show you all my first sock from my fun Lang Jawoll yarn, even though I took it on a rather shiny table. It has the sturdiest heel and toe ever. I am now trying to ZOOM through the second sock. Now, what happens when Suna tries to zoom through a project? She messes up. Repeatedly. There are many ways to mess up a heel, and I found them all. It is hard knitting with two strands on tiny, very pointy needles. Then, I turned an entire heel only to realize that it was off. Crud, turns out I made the first sock with 68 stitches around and the second with 64, so the heel of a 68-stitch sock did not work on a 64-stitch one. True enough, it was very distracting casting on a sock at a high school football game. So, these socks will be a bit more fraternal than I had intended for them to be. It will still be pretty close.

Are you wondering why I am abandoning my Maelstrom and Wrap Me Up for socks? I have good reason. Suzanne TCL has asked some of us to knit cozy socks for her father-in-law, who is very ill. So, of course I will do that. I chose some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Mine Shaft to make mine. I hope I don't mess up THOSE socks. I mean, gee, if I can't get basic top-down socks right, I need to take a break!

I do love the Mine Shaft colorway, so I know I will enjoy making those socks, and can consider them Prayer Socks, because I will be filling them with love for an old gentleman in Rochester, NY. At least I will, when I stop blogging and go knit on my gusset for the second striped sock.

I enjoyed my day at the yarn shop on Saturday--I had lots of time because Lee was off doing carpentry for charity and I didn't have to be at the school until late afternoon. I was surprised at how much people liked my Shalom sweater, which I wore that day. Makes you feel good to get compliments. And lots of folks enjoyed Wrap Me Up, too. I got to a good stopping place on it so that I can concentrate on the socks. Poor Maelstrom is waiting and waiting. I will finish it!

I will try to post when I can, but I think this will be a busy work week. Of course, that is good. I want to be indispensable, so they will want to keep me!

Knit on, and hi to Vicki from high school.

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  1. Once you start making mistakes... that was probably the case with your heel. I know how it feels. Messing up like hell is one of my specialties. :-) with computer f.e.


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