Friday, April 17, 2009

Plugging Along with Bridget

I am knitting and knitting, honestly. Bridget's sport-weight yarn just takes a while. I did manage to finally finish the body. Wow, even making the largest size and using bigger needles it will be quite the form fitting little cardigan. I know it will block a bit bigger, so I am not too worried. My next task is sewing the collar on, then I am starting on the sleeves. I hope they go quickly. And I am pretty sure I have enough yarn. Luckily I have short arms!!

I just want to own this sweater so I am knitting as hard as I can (when not blogging and Facebooking and hoping work calls).

Today it is all rainy so I am not going to go out anywhere like I did yesterday, when I tried to work at the tea shop. Bad wireless, sigh.

Today's picture is one of some of the scarves that people made based on that pattern, which Michelle at the yarn shop actually found a Ravelry link to. It has been so much fun seeing all the variations on this same pattern.

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