Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Words

I haven't had much energy or interest in posting. Still feeling a bit down about knitting and the world in general.

It does make me feel better to be working on this thing. I am now halfway finished with this Linus blankie, which I guess will be called a 4-Square Linus Blankie. Since it will be a rudimentary quilt pattern, I am now doing it in honor of Jackie, who passed away at 87 a couple of weeks ago, and was a wonderful quilter. I enjoy thinking of her, even as I knit with Red Heart, so I keep going.

The other thing that has kept me going is that some of the women I used to knit with have found a way to get together, and seem very keen to keep our group together, so we can share what we are doing with each other. We may get to meet in a restaurant in the future, but for now a generous soul has volunteered her house. Let me know if you are a knitting friend of mine who'd like to join us. I do hope I still have some knitting friends, any way.

I also had a chance to go to the lovely Yarnorama store in Paige, TX, to get some yarn (hadn't been yarn shopping in MONTHS) and to watch friends spinning. I got an offer for some help with using my drop spindle, but now I can't find my fiber. All I found was a wad of dog hair, which was not what I wanted to spin. Even if it is nice, long fluffy dog hair.

I did get some nice yarn. I got Marble acrylic yarn in 6 colors to make another charity blankie. That yarn is nice and soft and in such lovely self-striping colors. I want to crochet an afghan with flower shapes. I haven't crocheted in a while.

Also got some lovely sock yarn--two colors of Jitterbug (including VERY bright pink) and two colorways of new Regia Hand Dye effect. That stuff is so pretty (below is the bright colorway, but I also got two skeins of tan/brown for a shawl).

The other item I got was a very soft blend called Socrates, which has some alpaca in it, and it a lovely tweedy thing. All the colors were really intriguing, but I chose this grayish purple one, the colorway of "Dress Blues". I think it will make lovely patterned socks. My hand is in the picture because I was holding it near the window to get better light. It's been rainy here.

I guess I should show you Litla Dimun, which is taking a break so I can knit with that lovely inexpensive acrylic (ha ha). The photo is a close-up of the center. It's too big and awkward for a photo of the whole thing to be interesting. I am, though, about halfway finished--at the end of the first skein of yarn. Once I stop thinking so much about Jackie, I will go back to the shawl. And then maybe start back on socks and knit more like my old self. I just don't feel like my old self.

I am thinking not many folks are reading this any more, but thanks to those of you who are. I am working on a better self-image, which will make for more interesting and frequent content, I hope.


  1. Hi. I'm so sorry about your friend Jackie. Losing a friend can really take you down.
    I'm not myself either, but hoping that if the sun ever comes out, things will improve....
    Keep knitting and writing!

  2. I love the Linus blankie, the funky colors are too cool! The Regia yarn, that's an awesome color too!

    The color of the Litla is very peaceful. It'll be very zen when it's done.

  3. I'm still reading. Not knitting as much because of my wrist, but I did begin a swatch in the round last night for some toe up socks. I'm always in awe of your shawls and anything you do that has a pattern beside knit and purl. Just amazing, you are.

  4. Still reading - and wishin I was closer to Austin so I could get in on the knitting group :-(

  5. Nice to hear from you, JF. And Sylvia, you are doing fine knitting yourself, and you know it. And Wee Quantum, I sure wish you could get BACK here, though I guess you now have reasons to stay.

  6. Marble is what I used for the sweater I knit for my mother's 95th birthday. It was Marble Chunky, but really was more of a worsted weight. I did enjoy working with it, and the colors were fabulous.

    Love the Linus blanket!

  7. Johanna, a number of my friends from my former LYS made things with Marble Chunky--we put a big dent in Yarnorama's supply when they were all making similar sweaters! It is the nicest acrylic I've come across.

  8. I'm still reading (I just don't comment very much). Thanks for the continuing inspiration :-)

  9. there is a group of knitters that meets at Gauge Knits on Sundays from 2pm-5pm
    The group varies from week to week, but everyone is nice a friendly!
    So please come join us since your LYS is closing......you'd be welcome at Gauge


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