Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last Litla Dimun Post!

I got the menfolk to go outside and take photos of me in the Litla Dimun shawl last night, so I can finally show what it looks like as a shawl. After hearing that it looked like a pair of underwear, and worse, a diaper from the blocking photos, I figured I better post!
I really think it looks nice. Sturdy, yet floaty! Here's the back.
And just for fun, here is a close-up of the pattern. You can see how the garter stitch looks quite delicate after blocking, yet it's still plenty warm. I wish I'd brought it to work today, as we have a little chill in the air.
It was a beautiful early evening yesterday, and perfect weather for spinning around in your new shawl! Farewell, Litla Dimun--Suna will stop obsessively posting about you now!

Some of our flowers look particularly lovely while we were in the garden with the camera, so I will leave you with our Creme Brulee petunia and the new yellow wildflower that just opened.
That was nice, wasn't it? What interesting colors they now have in annuals. This next one is a perennial we planted last year, but this is its first bloom.

A sock will show up tomorrow. And maybe more flowers. I have been taking a LOT of flower photos, and so has Lee!


  1. Spectacular shawl! Really, really lovely!

  2. pretty, pretty. Pretty picture of you, too!

  3. Your petunia matches the shawl beautifully! That really is a lovely shawl, you can sure crank them out!

  4. Beautiful shawl and I love the petunias. :) I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog.

    Lois in Cincinnati

  5. Oh Suna it is absolutely gorgeous! I love the shawl and the petunias.

  6. I love your Shawl!! It is Beautiful!!

  7. Beautiful shawl Suna


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