Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little to Say

It's been hard to write anything for a couple of weeks. All I am doing on the shawl is trying to rip back three very long rows (I started a new section while chatting with friends, and mis-counted, but didn't realize it until the next pattern row). I have had very little energy to engage in that--I need really good light, so I can't do it in the evenings, either.

I have worked some on the Flaming Desire sock, so some day it may get done.

But, I have had a lot of rehearsals, meetings, and events in the evenings. Plus I am teaching the young son to drive a stick shift, which takes a while. Work is great, and I am glad I have it and my great colleagues, but it's been extra, extra busy.

I will get back to a knitting groove soon, I am sure.

Since I don't have much interesting to say about knitting, anyway, taking a break won't be a disaster. I've realized lately that I am either too controversial and irritate people, or so boring that even I don't want to read my own posts.

I will leave you with non-knitting content. Lee gave me this CD and DVD combo for a Mother's Day gift. In it, James Taylor and Carole King perform live songs from their 1971 albums, which happen to be the first two albums I ever owned. The original back-up musicians even appear with them! If you want to know what was good about 1970s music, check into this!


  1. Controversial? Maybe - but that makes it interesting, not irritating! Boring???? Never!!! I may not always comment, but I always enjoy your writing!

  2. This is Sue Ellyn
    Please let me know if you have started a knitting group.
    E-mail me at

  3. Hi! Just stumbled across your blog- I took a knitting class in college (SAIC) about 20 years ago and I loved it...though I took all semester to make the most ridiculous sweater! Anyway, looking forward to following your projects!

  4. My RSS feed picked this up today, I was excited to see something from you and then realized it was old. I miss you guys (although I haven't been good about keeping up either!)

  5. Controversial? I just stumbled upon your blog, and am just now getting notification of the last two posts. Not sure how I found you, but maybe I'll have to go back and read some old posts. :)

  6. Oh gosh, don't bother! We are all moving forward with positive thoughts!


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