Sunday, May 8, 2011

Still Enjoying Those Squares

Happy May Day, Mother's Day in the US, and birthday to anyone I've missed on Facebook.

I have 9 rows of mitered squares completed, so I modeled the blanket in progress on my precious car, Ethel (I got her during my haitus--she's a 2011 MINI Cooper Clubman-S and a ton of fun to drive). I am really finding it relaxing to work on this project, and even though I am seeing a few other things I'd like to work on, I'm find just sitting around and working on this, even though that 100% acrylic yarn can be HOT sitting in a huge pile on my lap!

I am through with the bright colors and cycling back to the pastels for the next three rows at least. I will see how long it ends up being then, and decide whether to make it longer or to start the borders at that point. As you can see, I have two colors, the lilac and green, that go all the way across the blanket now. It may look better if I make it long enough to complete the pink squares all the way across. Any ideas or comments?

I am up to the gusset in the socks, which I only work on at music rehearsals and when I need a portable project. It's very pretty, and I will share when I am finished with the heel.

I am feeling a little better, even though this is a day I usually mourn the loss of my mother in 1984, and I am remembering my poor dad, who's been gone a month. But the family cheers me up at the moment, after a few trying weeks/months. College is out of session, so Tuba Boy is back home with his happy mandolin. And he got a JOB, which warms a mother's heart. Both boys made me nice cards, and the Girlfriend of Beccano (yes, she's still around, and got a full scholarship to a nearby college for next year) made me a lovely angel food cake. These cakes are a challenge, so I am so happy this one worked out! Beccano is going to the local community college to study music management while he rocks out. He still has a lot of hair.

I'd write more--I have more topics, ha ha, but it's time for the dinner prepared for me by my spouse. Ahh, Mother's Day is good.


  1. It's hard to believe I am actually a writer when you see I started three paragraphs in a row with "I am." Excure? I was hurrying, knowing that dinner was almost finished. And I am too lazy to edit.

  2. However written, it is good to read you. Nice blanket. Love the pastels.


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