Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Yes, I AM Still Working on the Same Project

One thing about the combination of not having a lot of knitting time and working on a large project is that you don't have many new and exciting topics to blog about, especially if you are no longer totally fascinated by every issue of every knitting magazine that comes out.

However let me talk about something other than mitered squares briefly. I did enjoy the new Knitty, and especially liked the Lingerie socks with the pretty lace patterning and Undercurrent sweater. It looks like it would be nice and casual to wear with jeans. And I still own some Silk Garden from back when I had a yarn shop to go to! I keep faithfully reading all my knitting magazines, though. I just don't feel like making anything.I need people to knit with I guess, but can't bring myself to go out any more than I already do. So it's my own fault!

8x14 Mitered Square Blankie
Here's how far I am on the Mitered Square Blankie. I realized in my brilliance that of COURSE I had to make it 14 rows long! I had 14 colors! This way each row will start with a different color. Doesn't it look lovely all dappled in the sun?

Here is a labeled photo so you can see how I made it and what the plan is. Yes, I know my PowerPoint skills are awesome. I can really label stuff.

I think, once I add borders, it will be quite blanket-esque.

I went over to Ravelry to see if anyone was doing variations on it, and I saw one that is pretty neat, by a user named Som Som. I don't have permission to show a picture, so go look at it and click the middle photo. You can see how she varied the direction the squares go, starting in the center. It is a nice, subtle effect. There's another one in bright solids by Fudgey, in a yarn that looks like it would be nice to knit with, too. Another person finished one but didn't post a photo. She commented that a solid color combined with mitered squares  means every mistake really shows up. That's why I like self striping yarns for this technique. I'd like to try it in one of the Noro variants some time.

OK, back to knitting. I have three more done on the last row!

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