Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scarf and Such

Mostly I have been knitting along on the drape front sweater, and I have actually finished the front of it. Lovely? Not really lovely at all before blocking!
Some stockinette knitting
People say that photo looks like a uterus, or a thong. Well, it's a sweater back. I am moving along on the front.

I just finished the simple 1x1 ribbed scarf I have been working on. I sure enjoyed watching the colors change on it. I ended up using almost all of the yarn, but thought it would be too long if I did the last two colors of the self striping yarn, so I stopped. Here is is sitting in my office next to my Wrap Me Up wrap, which lives there for any chills in the air (more likely during summer than winter in climate controlled offices).
Hanging around in my office
I think the colors came out really nice. It's just nice, simple fun to knit along with one semi-solid and one self-striping strand. For your records, this is Knitwhits/Freia Handpaints - Freia Semi Solid Sport in Red Oxide and Knitwhits/Freia Handpaints - Freia Ombré Worsted in Metal Earth and Purpleheart. The yarn is single ply and really soft wool. I am sure it would felt just great, so I will be careful with it.

I just got a new coat, and it won't go with the scarf at all (it is very red and would clash with the orange). But, I will wear this anyway--it will look great with my Levi's jacket.

Let's see...I think I will get back to working on the shawl I had been working on earlier, and finish that lovely alpaca sweater. I need to finish something. I am just glad I lost some weight so all my knitted stuff fits again.

I'm doing a fun fiber activity later in the week, so perhaps I will report on that. In the meantime, it's back to my lovely life, where my kids are both off for spring break, and my spouse and I are traveling around to agricultural sites in the newly repaired RV (ranch in Cameron last weekend, farm in Yorktown next weekend--how did I get so rural?).


  1. I love how the simple ribbed scarf looks so elegant. What are you doing this weekend?

  2. The answer is in the next post. I went on a mini yarn crawl.


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