Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yummy Yarn and Database Fun

PennyRose Sagebrush
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Here's a picture of the Sagebrush colorway of PennyRose yarn that I got. Isn't it nice--not semi-solid, but not glaringly different colors, either. I like its base yarn, so I am hoping it will be fun to knit, whenever its random number comes up, hee hee.

In more geeky mathematics work, I am preparing to do some Microsoft Excel training, so I downloaded my Ravelry stash into Excel so I could play around with features and make sure I know what I am doing. After all the doo-dads I did to my spreadsheet, one might wonder if I know what I am doing!! But I did find out one fascinating fact during this exercise:

I have 2.402272727 7.206818182 miles of yarn in my stash. And that is just the stash I have documented in Ravelry. I can imagine them all festively lined up! Thank you to Lynn, who guessed I'd used the wrong calculation. I divided my yards by how many FEET are in a mile. It's amazing I got through school with my lame math skills, and amazing I can do knitting, too! But I can sure see where my younger son gets his math computation issues. My fault entirely--his dad's family are all scientific/math geniuses (two are literally geniuses). I digress. Anyway, lots of yarn.

In more artistic news, I finished the first Pink Ribbiness sock, and I love it a lot. It is SO darned perky. And it feels real good. Looks like this will be a really quick pair, even if I am working on the Poseys in the evenings!


  1. Only 2.4 miles? Seriously? Are you sure that the decimal point is in the right place?

  2. Hmm, I divided the number of yards by 5280. Is 5280 the number of feet in a mile? OOOPS.


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