Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pansy Posey Progress

Pansy Posey Progress
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I thought you might like to see how the Pansy Posey sock is coming along. It looks like Oklahoma at the moment, but the long part will eventually be four rows thick. The part that sticks out is the instep. the long part gets sewn together to be the leg. Then you do the heel flap off the left edge of the short piece, and make the bottom of the sock by picking up an instep stitch every row. You make the toe by picking up the instep edge then making a normal toe. Pretty cool, huh? And it looks pretty good in just one color. Like a quilt. I am enjoying this a lot and can't wait to do the finishing parts, to see how it looks.

My current bus socks, the Pink Ribbiness ones using Fannie's Fingering Weight, are also moving right along. I think they are incredibly perky and pretty. I'll try to have a photo tomorrow. The first sock should be almost done by then. We had a long delay on the way in today, so lots of knitting occurred.

I tried to buy some knitting magazines last night, but most had really ugly things in them, so I didn't. However, my new PennyRose yarns came in, and I must say they are really nice colors. One is a very subtle melange of greens and the other is pastels that are a little different than the usual ones. I'll share their photos soon.

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