Monday, March 31, 2008

Black Rainbow Socks

Black Rainbow Socks in Use
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Don't these look comfy? And they are, like a well-used flannel blankie. I've worn them with clogs, too, and they were great. If you ever get the chance to purchase Perchance to Knit's wool and cashmere blend, please do so!

I did get all my current stash of sock yarn (minus nasty acrylic I would not want to work with) numbered on Ravelry. Sigh. It is a LARGE number. And I have two more skeins coming. But this way they all will have an equal chance of getting turned into socks!

I ran into a woman who used to go to my church on the bus today, and we had a nice time chatting about our bus-riding craft projects. She works on the campus where I work, just takes a later bus usually, and only works part time. It was nice to have a crafty friend to knit with.

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