Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Slows Me Down

Black Rainbow Sock #1
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Happy Easter if you celebrate it. I am celebrating by watching college basketball, even though it isn't my favorite sport. I want to be able to participate in office chit chat tomorrow, I guess.

Knitting goes much more slowly in the spring, because I end up spending a lot of my time outdoors messing with plants or other projects. But, I did finish this sock, as I mentioned last time I blogged. It is so incredibly soft--people at the LYS really enjoyed touching it yesterday. I also made it past the heel on the second Garden Path sock yesterday, so I know I am making progress--it just seems so slow. I have way more things I want to make than I foresee time for. DARN IT.

Right now I really, really am fixated on how much I want to start the Posey socks in Knitty with my pansie and butternut squash sock yarn. I keep staring at that yarn and thinking, "Well, I could at least wind it up so I will be ready..." Of course, if I would stop blogging I could get to finishing those Garden Path socks.

I did have an amused moment yesterday when I was reading the Vogue Knitting magazine that came out recently. I am thinking my subscription has lapsed, because I have not received one in the mail yet, so I got it yesterday at the LYS. I earned enough teaching to afford a magazine! Well, what did I see but an entire feature with things to wear at weddings. After all those months I spent looking for items, what should show up but an entire article on knitted wedding attire, most of which was not stupid. I am very tempted to make the skirt part of the knitted dress and top it with the cardigan. Oh yeah, I'll have time for that AND the shawl I was already going to make. And that might be "knitting overkill" anyway. Still, after all that time I spend looking and looking for appropriate items, I couldn't believe VK had an entire feature on it! LOLZ, as the kids would say.

Thanks to everyone who is reading, and especially to those of you who are sharing your spring nature-watching experiences in your blogs. I am enjoying that stuff as much as knitting content!

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