Friday, March 21, 2008

I Succumbed

Yes, I succumbed to temptation and finally bought new sock yarn. I hadn't bought any since my previous job went away, but there were a few things at the Loopy Ewe that I loved so much (or were so inexpensive) that I had to get them.

Here's my favorite of the bunch. It's Farmhouse Yarns Fannie's Fingering Weight in Chocolate Covered Cherries. Wow, is it bright (and that is what I wanted). Orange, pink and brown. That will keep me awake! I love the way this yarn feels, too.

Another one I got that feels great is another skein of Araucania Ranco Multy. It sure feels nice and soft, and I chose some really interesting (to me) colors. A big mess of green, brown, maroon and white. I like how this stuff is dyed so it won't pool. All the pictures of this yarn knitted into socks on Ravelry look great.

I re-bought something I already had. I loved the purple Trekking socks I made for my friends' daughter last month so much that I got another skein. I think I will make something with a lace pattern for myself out of it. That is just the prettiest yarn!

Besides all that, I got two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Light that was on sale. One in Butternut Squash (my favorite vegetable) and one in Spring Pansies (my favorite flower!). I was thinking of using them in those cool mitered square socks on Knitty this month.

I was somewhat dorky and when I was thrilled to see some of the Fiesta Baby Boom available, I got a skein (in Burnished Reds, which has gray and black in it), not noticing I would need TWO. Wow, Fiesta yarns are pricey. I have a plan to use the little skein on another pair of mitts from that new mittens book, and add beads.

Of course, the pair of lacy purple mitts I made from the book before turned out to be a real dud. No comments, no hits on the picture or anything, and I was the first person to knit that pattern on Ravelry! I guess they are sorta ugly.

In any case, since I haven't had time to post on the sock knitting or Texas knitting email lists, not many people are reading this blog other than the faithful few. What do I expect? Luckily I am very fond of the faithful few! I will try to post more interesting stuff soon.

PS: Sorry for not linking to the yarn sources or anything. Very limited time right now!


  1. One of the faithful few ;) says:
    I love that sock yarn! Great name and colors. Can't wait to see knit up

  2. Lucky you on the new yarn splurge! You deserve it ;-)

  3. Akk! Please disregard that last comment, where I hit enter before I got my name in! It's me, Emily, and I'm happy you got to get sock yarn. =)


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