Thursday, March 27, 2008

Authorized to Start a New Project!

Go me! Go me! I finished the black rainbow socks yesterday (after trying to do the 3-needle inside-out toe bind off that I love so much three times on the bus, I waited until I got to the yarn shop to do it--just about frayed the yarn to death). Finishing those (and oooh are the soft and nice) means I can start a new bus sock project. I am making ribbed basic socks out of that really lovely Fannie's Fingering Weight from Farmhouse Yarns that I mentioned a couple of days ago. I just love the pink/orange/maroon color and the fact that it won't self-stripe or make much of a pattern. It's dyed nice and blotchy, the way I LIKE it. I just cast on and knit about 7 rows on the way in today, but am loving it.

And Garden Path is on its last repeat. I am ready to wind the yarn in the picture and its friend the Garden Pansy, for fun weekend Posey Sock knitting as we go visit Lee's dad. The kids will be on their band trip, so it is actual time alone, which we don't get much of. Perhaps I will also do something other than knit!

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