Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Finished Pair and a New Start

Garden Path Socks, Complete
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OK! Here are the finished Garden Path socks, at last. It looks like one is shorter than the other, but it's just my lack of skill in pulling them up to the same length. They definitely have the same number of rows! This photo fairly accurately depicts the color of the yarn, which is one of those hard-to-photography dark colors. I love the way the semi-solid shades from pinkish to blackish. I wish I could get more of this yarn in some of the other colors, which are very jewel-like, but I don't know if Jody will be doing any more. Darn. It's great stuff and it should be made available to more lucky knitters!

I spent the weekend on a trip out of town, and so I got to knit a lot on the drive and while chatting with the future FIL (who was on a "tell the visitors what is in the Bible" kick, so I knit a LOT). I was working on my version of the Posey socks. Once I gave up on using two colors, it was going great. I made lots and lots of little squares and got used to knitting through the back loops eventually. As the designer told me (which was really nice of her!) that makes the stitches firmer. They are quite firm, especially with my twisty Cherry Tree Hill yarn.

I'll have a photo of the work in progress soon, even though I made a silly mistake, so I am making the whole thing in a mirror image. I turned the first square the wrong way, so off I went going right instead of left, which is clearly indicated on the chart. But I didn't pay attention. Oh well, the sock basic shape will still be there and I will still be able to sew it up, put the bottom on and add the toe. Maybe I will make the second sock "correctly" and I will have a left sock and a right sock. Look at me, being patient with my errors.

More tomorrow!

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  1. Unfortunately, that wasn't a kick. That is one of the three subjects he alternates between. "That's what it says," is an adequate response, too.


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