Friday, March 7, 2008

Still Here, Not Knitting Enough

I figured that on the first week of my new job, the knitting would suffer, and I was right.

The good news is that I do have bus knitting time. The bad news is that two rides' worth on my second Wandering Melody sock turned out to be slightly off-center, so I spent today's ride frogging a couple of inches of beautiful sock. I actually didn't take the knitting with me yesterday because I was so peeved at myself that I'd messed up on Wednesday. I do agree that the socks are nice, so I'll write up the pattern. I am intending to make sock #2 the mirror image of sock #1.

At home in the evenings I have been so incredibly tired. All I have managed to do is work a bit on a Bathtime Blossom dishrag in some pastel colors for the guest bath. Usually I can whip one of those out in not too long, but I am so brain dead that it is taking me longer than usual.

My dad will be in town this weekend, if he manages to make it here (flight canceled due to all the SNOW in his connection town, Dallas). I may have lots of time to work on finishing the orange sweater, or I may be busy on household projects and have no time. We'll see.

I am surviving the new job, though waiting for buses in the rain is already tedious, and my head is full of arcane mainframe commands. But, it's a living! I hope to have more to report next week!


  1. Glad to hear the report of your first week on the job. You sound sane! :-) And you had the courage (and energy) to do the needed frogging.

    I hope your dad gets there, and I know you'll have a good time when he does.

    Happy knitting and riding the bus!

  2. I talked to my mom (in Waco) on the phone today. When she said it had snowed, I had to ask her like 5 times if she was serious. It's been lovely in the Bay Area. I wore shorts today!


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