Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trying to Decide...

If my idea to spin and then knit something Buddy the Hairy Dog's undercoat is as bad an idea as this couple's clothing makes it look. Woo, these are about as comfy looking as the sweater a lady brought in to the LYS once felt. I think I like dog hair best on dogs.

Knitting is going along well. I am almost to the last repeat on Garden Path (hands started hurting last night so I had to stop). And I am past the heel on the second Black Rainbow sock. I found a cute flower washcloth pattern in the knitting pattern a day calendar that I may make from organic cotton to thank the lady who is tutoring Beccano in math. She eats only raw foods and is very organic, so she might like it.

Oh, and of COURSE, after I bought the VK magazine on Saturday, it was in the mail yesterday.

Also in the mail was some lovely yarn from Knitivity called Cat's Paw Nebula (at the top of this page). I added the picture after originally posting this. Very subtle purples and golds that are the colors of a photo of this nebula.

I keep getting ideas of what I want to make. More than my time allows. I got a huge hankering to start a Lizard Ridge afghan in my Kauni rainbow yarn. Wonder when I will fit that in among the garments, socks and shawls??

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