Friday, March 14, 2008

And Now There Are Two!

Wandering Melody, Back
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I am still alive and knitting--the combination of the new job and a great visit from my father has led to no blogging time. I'll get more used to my schedule soon and blog better.

Anyway, lookee, here are the Wandering Melody socks. The yarn is pretty but I wasn't thrilled with the big stretch of greenish gold on the second sock. That color appears nowhere in the first one! But, they fit well and I am very happy with how the stretchy bind off worked out.

You will notice that I somehow managed to make the lines of YOs the same on both socks. I had fully intended to have it wander the other way on Sock #2. I really should have given #1 a glance at some point, huh? I did make the cables go the other way on sock #2. Well, maybe I will try this technique again some time.

I haven't gotten too much done other than bus knitting because of the family fun I had last weekend and earlier in the week. I have a few more repeats to do on the Bathtime Blossom I am making for mindless sleepy-time knitting, and I started a new bus-riding sock yesterday. It's just a plain one, but the yarn is nice: Perchance to Knit wool/cashmere. It is a very smooth yarn, feeling almost cottony. The color is Black Rainbow, which is quite festive--a lot of black with stripes of very bright secondary colors, almost day-glo. Because the yarn is so intense, these are simple, generic socks. The yarn came with a free beaded stitch marker, which was a nice touch. I am enjoying knitting with this yarn, after lots of more splitty loosely plied yarns.

I will try to comment on the new Knitty this weekend.

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  1. These look lovely, good colour, well knitted.


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