Saturday, May 17, 2008

Undercover Escalator Sock, Woo

Undercover Escalator Sock
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OK, for whatever readers I have left, here are pictures of the latest sock. I guess my stuff is so ugly that all my readers are unsubscribing. Probably it is more that I am so boring now that all I do is work, knit on the bus, and fall asleep. In any case, sorry folks. I hope to get more fun soon. I do have a personal blog with family and opinion stuff, so if you want to read it, just send me a message and I'll get it to you.'s the sock. From the side, you can't see that there is a little panel with a left cross surrounded by purls going up the front. It starts on the back at the point where the YOs meet. For reasons only known to me, I stopped with the escalators' rise after 5 inches and put in an inch and a half of double seed stitch. I guess I wanted to see what that did to the relentless camouflage effect. Then there is ribbing. The photo of the back helps you see the center panel better, even if it's a blurry photo taken by my kid. I am getting close to finishing the second sock. It will probably take me until Wednesday, though, so I don 't have to fire up the random number generator again yet.

The reason the socks are going slowly is I am only working on them at lunch and on the bus. I am really trying to finish the Cable Lace top, and only have 1.5" left on the bottom of that until it is as long as the instructions say to make it. Since I will have most of a skein of yarn left, though, I will probably make it a bit longer, since I am long waisted.

I still really like that VK Summer 2008 cover sweater though, so today I used up the rest of a gift certificate at the LYS to buy yarn to make it. I am actually going to make it white. What a concept. The color of the model sweater. I found Cascade Pima Tencel at the shop, and like the way it feels better than 100% cotton. it says it is genuine worsted weight, so I am hoping it will look better in the pattern than the Creative Focus Cotton DK did.

After that one, I think I will go find my pink Rialto and make the cable sweater I got the yarn for last year. It's another thing I can wear in the summer.

Off to knit. Lee is at his dad's, more bad weather is coming (we had hail and where I work got a LOT of damage on Wedneday) so Beccano and I are going to hang out tonight. He will play guitar and I will try to finish that sweater, so there may be a photo tomorrow!

PS: I didn't write much about the latest Interweave Knits, because it was all brown things I would never make. I could possibly make one item in a better color. That's OK, I am in love with the Spring 2008 Vogue Knitting. All those wedding knits, ahhhh!


  1. They may not be the most eye-popping socks in the world, but I love the idea of the random # generator socks. Enjoy the knitting!

  2. I like the sock colors much better in person. They don't look like much on my monitor.

    I like the current Interweave! Although the Vogue is very nice as well, and I usually don't like it at all.


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