Friday, May 30, 2008

Moving Right Along, and Funny Kid Saying

Here we go, the finished back of the Sideways Cardigan. I really like the way the pattern at the top looks. It makes little triangles, plus there is a traveling lattice effect on the surface. It's quite lovely when stretched out, and contrasts nicely with the sideways wavy pattern. it's sitting in the shade on the grass, which explains the light splotch. I think this one will need a little blocking, but will be good. One side looks a bit better than the other, so I may end up putting an edging around the armholes. I think that will look nice.

The yarn, Cascade Pima Tencel, sure feels good to knit with. I'd make something else out of this yarn if I could find it in more vibrant colors than we have at the LYS. I am now well into the first of the front pieces, so this will be a sweater some day!

And here is proof that I finished the Bright Burly Socks. They are very, very comfortable and everyone comments on how attractive they are. One of my friends wanted to buy them from me, so I guess they are a fine pair of socks! I did enjoy knitting with the Urban GypZ Twisted yarn, and enjoyed the interesting colors and twist effect quite a bit!

The next project will be socks using Cherry Tree Hill's Cherry Blossom colorway. I saw a pattern on some website with a reverse stockinette ground and little straight lines of knit stitches scattered on it. I decided to make one that is somewhat similar, done toe up. I'm working on it when I get tired of thinking about the cardigan's more complex patterning. I really was happy the random number generator chose this yarn. I loved it the minute I saw it, with it's pinks, mauves, sky blues and whites. Like a cherry tree against a sunny spring sky.

Here's a bonus funny story. One of my friends teaches knitting in another state, and shared this on a non-knitting email list. Cracked me up. It seems she decided to teach her two young sons to knit last week, and was very happy that both of them took to it quite well and were happily making their first little projects. One of the boys looked up at his mom, assessing his progress and feeling positive about it. "Hey mom," he asked. "Now that you have taught us how to knit, when are you going to teach us how to frog?"

Hmm, I think certain little fellows have been paying VERY close attention to their mom's conversations! He'll go far, both with knitting and frogging!


  1. The sweater is looking great. Can't wait to see it finished. And if I was there it Texas I might have to steal those socks when you weren't looking!

  2. I love the kid comment on frogging! I wonder if he'll be disappointed that it doesn't involve any actual amphibians


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