Sunday, June 1, 2008

Brush with Fame, Sorta

Cherry Lace Rib Sock
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Here's the current sock in progress. That's Cherry Tree Hill Cherry Blossom yarn from the Loopy Ewe done in a variation of the lace panel in the Vogue Knitting Spring 2008 Sideways Cardigan, which I have been going on about for weeks. I tried three different patterns before settling on this one. I mentioned basing this sock on a reverse stockinette with knit squiggles pattern I saw online, but I didn't like my version in this yarn, so I scrapped that plan. This is an interesting lacy rib, so I am liking it!

I am into the top of the left side of the Sideways Cardigan, and if I will just stop blogging I will get more done, heh.

But, knitting fun was had by me and my almost-birthday-twin friend Suzanne yesterday. After taking my kids to the airport for their summer Dad Visit and Trip to Ireland, and after Fed-Exing the younger one's forgotten passport to him (no stress there, nope), I headed to the LYS for a bit, where my friend Lisa was visiting. I chatted with her and a couple of other nice folks, then Suzanne showed up and whisked me away to deepest South Austin, because she wanted to visit the Knitting Nest. I'd only been there once before, and really hoped they'd have some different sock yarn. It turns out that we went on a big day--they were hosting Franklin of the 1000 Knitters Project. Suzanne and I dutifully knitted a bit on his scarf, so we are in there with all the famous people, including what I am sure will be hundreds when he goes to visit the Yarn Harlot in a couple of weeks. It's a neat project, anyway, and I wish him good luck, even if he is weird and thinks the hot weather here is better than the Chicago weather (OK, it HAS been a long chilly spell up there)!

After our brush with fame, Suzanne got me some lovely Cascade Heritage sock yarn that I gave #13 to (that is the number the Cherry Tree Hill yarn in my new socks had). I still have fewer yarns in my stash than I had when I started, though, so I am being good. I like the yarns they have at the Knitting Nest, but am being good and not buying stuff while unemployed. I hope to go back again--they had some nice knitters there, too.


  1. That's gorgeous yarn---uh, oh. I said no more sock yarn till I had worked up more of my stash, but it looks as if I will go on a hunt for this (and Claudia's handpainted, which Barb Cooper raves about-I've yet to see any). I'm glad Knitter's Nest is still doing ok-when I was there they had precious little yarn.

  2. Oops. I meant Knitting Nest. I'm even wearing a bright pink Knitting Nest t-shirt as I type this. (Imagine sound of me banging my head on the table)

  3. Hello Suna,
    will you consider sharing this stitch chart with us it is really pretty.
    Good luck with the job hunt .


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