Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Honesty: It's Some Kind of Policy

I am not sure if honesty is the best policy, but it appears to be one of mine, regardless. I had a phone screening yesterday, and the woman asked me what the ideal job for Sue Ann would be. I honestly blurted out, "knitting instructor." Then I added, but you can't make a living at that around here! She laughed and said she needed to learn, so she'd bring needles next time she visited Austin. I then told about how much I'd like to help people figure out how to use software and help make software that met the needs of its intended audience. I think that is more what she wanted. But really, the ideal job IS knitting instructor!

Since I have no photo today, I recommend you go over to Fluffy Knitter Deb's blog and take a gander at her magnificent granny square aghan, which is all one huge square made out of leftover sock yarn. Well, actually, the last rows were made with new balls of yarn, since they were so big. I think it is one glorious piece of crocheting, and such a great use of the leftover sock yarn! It reminds me that I ought to work on the mitered square thing I was making out of my leftovers. Well, some day I will stop making new things...

...which reminds me, I have gotten through the frustrating section of beginning the sleeves on the Drawstring Raglan, which required using an extra DPN at first. I think it will end up looking fine after all, but yhou sure stretch out a couple of stitches when you start. You make the sleeves by casting on a bunch of stitches at the point where the sleeve would start, then going back to knitting the body. It is pretty hard to get your knitting cable to go through the contortions required, and even worse when the sleeves are on t he straight parts of the needles. But, I managed, as have others.

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  1. Doesn't surprise me, I've said that you glow right through the blog when you get to talk about teaching!


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