Thursday, June 26, 2008

Project Overload Commences

Pink Dishcloths
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Suddenly I have a LOT of projects lined up for after the shawl, none of which are for me. At least I will not be bored in my unemployment time! Here are some pink dishcloths I am making for Des in New York. Also there is the yarn I got to make some more, since the LYS is having a sale and I get a good discount when that happens. I have about had it knitting with Sugar & Cream yarn, so some nicer cotton will be a relief. I am making a mitered square cloth out of the leftovers of these two, then will make a solid pink cherry one (I may make two of those in different pinks, since she has a cherry theme). I look forward mostly to making three from patterns I found in the Harmony Guide with lace stitches in it. Whee. It's nice to have an easy commission.

Then Suzanne in Georgetown wants me to make a Lace and Cable top like my recent red one, since it was a bit much for her to try for herself (really was frustrating to her). I love the yarn she picked, so I will try to do that for her.

And I DO have to finish the grandmother afghan, which is sitting there waiting for me to finish just a few rows. I need to give it to its owner! Gosh, I really have to get that done! But, noo....I decided to make the wedding shawl one border repeat longer, so that is what I will be doing the rest of today! I only have 3 or 4 rows left, then the knitted i-cord cast off. Wah. Then I will block it, and I guess just look at it and sigh with pleasure for 5 months. I am pretty sure I will design my own mitts to go with it, using the medium and small diamonds from the pattern on the mitts. But, I may wait until the commissions are off my plate. I must not be so selfish and just make my own beautiful items, hee hee.

OK, the day is young and I need to do a job interview in a few minutes, so I'll leave you to your blog reading!

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