Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Lack Resolve!

Sideways Cardigan
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Yay, I finished the Sideways Cardigan. I decided not to do the button band, because it looks so cute buttoned at the top. This meant i didn't have to go buy buttons or use any of Pat's. I got one of the agate buttons from the LYS (see photo) that I really liked, and it looks marvelous. in the photo the cardigan has been pressed and is drying. I'll try to get a photo of me in it tomorrow. The cardigan looked pretty good on me before I pressed it, so I am happy. Those big ole sleeves actually are pretty flattering. I feel SO lucky to have two new summer knits to wear!

You may recall that I vowed, just a day or two ago, to finish old projects before starting something new. Well, that resolve failed, thanks to a trip to the Gauge shop in Austin with my friend Tina (yay, Tina and I actually SAW each other). I'd tried to visit there last time I was unemployed, but I picked the day they were closed. Well, good news is that they are now open 7 days a week, so even when I get work I can visit on a Sunday every so often. I really liked the shop. The owner was very nice, and everyone else there was good, too. I even ran into some old knitting guild acquaintances and did some networking. Gauge doesn't have tons of yarn, but what is there was carefully chosen and great quality. I love getting to see different yarns, so I had a great time checking out what was there. Then I saw it...yarn that was 100% perfect for the only pattern I really loved out of the latest Interweave Knits, the Drawstring Raglan. It's Classic Elite Cotton Bam Boo. So light and with a great sheen, plus the colors they had were perfect for the project, a cream, a medium blue, a plum and a mauve. See my lovely photo of the yarn and the project, which I so conveniently made for your pleasure.

After Tina and I had a grown-up lunch at Chez Zee (with dessert, even), I headed back to "my" yarn shop, where I had a great time chatting with folks and meeting new people. There was a visitor knitting with some very, very interesting Habu yarn, though it looked hard to work with. Katie brought birthday cake, which reminds me to say happy birthday this weekend to her!! I am really enjoying Chicks with Sticks lately. Everyone has been so friendly to each other and so supportive. It's so nice to see people helping each other, supporting different projects, and mingling.

Oops. I forgot one thing. I also got a sock yarn. In my defense, it is Mondial Ciao, a yarn I didn't have any of before. Speaking of socks, Diane at the yarn shop pointed out to me that the colors I got for the next project are the same as the ones in my Cherry Blossom socks. Well, great, they'll be an "outfit." Hee hee. And yes, I did work on the socks a bit yesterday. I messed up the gusset somehow, but it is not the end of the world. I'm human.


  1. Oh, Suna, I love your Vogue cardigan and the button. It is so nice. I wrote down your yarn choice and found it on the web. I really love it, love it.

  2. I love how the cardigan turned out. If I didn't worry about horizontal stripes I'd try knitting it just for the interesting construction. Action shot, please!

  3. the cardi is excellent and I really like that stone.


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