Friday, June 27, 2008

Wedding Shawl Off the Needles

Unblocked Wedding Shawl
Originally uploaded by sunasak
It's not blocked yet, but it is knitted! Yes, here's my shawl. It is currently rather small, but we'll see how it turns out once I block it tomorrow or Sunday. All the beads (that border is solid bead, just about) make it hang nicely, so I don't think it will fall off a lot when I am wearing it. A good thing. And I am glad it isn't TOO long, so whatever dress I find will show! I am soooo happy with this. Well, that and having some positive job news today--no offer but two very positive signs. I think I'll just stick in more shawl photos now.

First, here the shawl rests on some big-ass plant in my front yard. The color is more accurate in this photo.

Next is a close-up, so you can really see the beads. The sun is hitting them, so some are extra shiny. I hope it's OK to put in so many photos. I am just happy to have the shawl.


  1. It's beautiful! And of course you are allowed to put up so m any pictures, it's your blog and your wonderful wedding shawl!!

  2. this is sooooo pretty,,, great choice for a wedding shawl.:D

  3. hello, i've never commented on your blog before, but i've been subscribed for quite some time and getting it in my inbox is quite a treat, i L-O-V-E reading your posts! anyways, i'm trying to break my bad habit of lurking, so here's my actual comment :P I LOVE YOUR WEDDING SHAWL!!! i'ts absolutely beautiful! and all those beads?!?! you're much more an adventurous *and patient* knitter than I! it will be so exquisite for your wedding!

  4. You have made a wonderful, wonderful shawl. And great, positive jobnews...


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