Friday, June 13, 2008

Knitting Frantically

Drawstring Raglan Almost Done
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I am knitting as hard as I can on this project, because I want to start the wedding shawl so badly! It is looking pretty good, and I think it will end up a reasonable and wearable size. I am not really impressed by the edges, which, being stockinette and all, are curly. I guess the designer intended it that way, and of course I can try to block it. Maybe the original yarn she used didn't curl as much as this cotton/bamboo blend is curing. I think this will be really cute over a pale blue tank, though!

I plan to knit in public tomorrow at the LYS, and hope you are celebrating Knit in Public Day somehow, somewhere. I'll probably be toting one of my new sock yarns around with me (yeah, I broke down and ordered some stuff from the Loopy Ewe, cause, well, I did have that $25 credit sitting there waiting for me to use it. I wanted something dark red to use with the second bunch of beads I bought, so I got a Dream in Color Smooshy in Gothic Rose that will make either a lovely scarf or some very snazzy socks. But, my favorite purchase is this Tempted Glam Grrl yarn in a color called Moonlight. It's that stuff with genuine silver in it. Not fake shiny stuff, but real silver! And it looks spectacular with the hand-dyed pale gray yarn. My blogging friend who also got some Glam Grrl said to open it in the sunlight, which of course I couldn't do because I got to the mailbox after dark, but I took it outside this morning. WHOA! That is some effect! I'm glad my picture shows a bit of sparkle, anyway, because sometimes it doesn't show up in photos.

Off to another job interview and some relaxing knitting. I'll try to stay out of the heat. I know the floods across the Midwest of the US are worse, but our very early 100-degree days are pretty icky.


  1. GRRR...I forgot about knit in public day. Hopefully I'll get some free time to go by the yarn store. I also told the lovely owner of the newer yarn store that we went to that I'd try and stop by there.

    Also, the Raglan is just as good looking as I though it would be. Those colors are so nice together. I have some job news, which I will email you about later, if I can remember to. :)

  2. Flooding and then really icky humidity because of all the wet!

  3. Believe it or not, I almost miss 100 degree weather. It has been so cloudy and overcast here in Seattle.

    Can't wait to see the raglan finished! You are a very prolific knitter!


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