Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Suna Buys More Yarn

Rio de la Plata
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I remember that I don't have a job, but yarn cheers me up. So, when I dropped by the Gauge LYS on my way to buy D&D stuff for my kids and more beads for the wedding shawl, I let myself get some new pretties. Here you see lovely Rio de la Plata sock yarn that I let Beccano choose the color of. Certainly it's bright and cheery. I also got Panda Silk in blues and, sigh, I succumbed and bought some Noro sock yarn. I'd been waiting to get some at my usual shop, but I don't think she's going to order any. It's certainly Noro-esque, rough and irregular, but the colors are very pretty. I've seen the one I got knit up (greens and pinks) and it is quite fine. Now at least I can give these yarns a try, if their numbers come up, heh heh.

At least I am on sock #2 of the Cherry Rib ones, so some day I'll get to pick a new sock yarn!

The Wedding Shawl is taking most of my knitting time. I got to the end of it, and since I bought three more tubes of beads, I decided to add one more repeat of the border pattern. It will make it very bead-filled on the bottom, and more important, a bit longer. From what I have read, this is not a really big shawl when blocked, so a few more inches may be good. I am looking for a nice lacy fingerless mitt pattern to knit and add beads to as an accessory. It may be chilly at the wedding, so this seems wise. And it will be a good use for the leftover yarn. Another idea would be to incorporate the motifs from the shawl into fingerless mitts.

When I don't have time to sit and work on the shawl, I am making some cotton dishcloths for a blog friend who has a pink kitchen with a cherry theme. I found the one cherry patterned dishcloth on the Internet (yay) so one cloth will have that. The others are some patterns in a Lily brochure that I am doing for fun, plus I made up a few based on Harmony Guide patterns, which I'll do next. I'll put up some photos soon as I have some. I am just using Sugar & Cream, nothing fancy.

Well, I have to get ready for a job interview. Yay for that.


  1. What pretty sock yarn! I have a coupon for 15% off sock yarn this month at a LYS but I really don't need any more sock yarn. But should that stop me?!?

  2. Heavens, no! You need to stock up, in case "something happens" some day, and you need to knit a lot of socks with no opportunity to buy yarn...and hey, some of those sock yarns are one of a kind! You have to get them!

    Suna the Enabler

  3. Are the women at my LYS paying you? With sock yarn? ;)

  4. Shhhh--that's my little secret.

  5. I broke down and got some Noro sock yarn the other day, naturally in a different, rather vibrant colorway. I cast on for swatching on the 21st (I have somehow signed up for Summer of Socks 2008). As is usual for me with Noro, I broke the yarn a couple of times, but hey, it's just a swatch! Then I decided to see what it looked like in the pattern I was considering (which is only available to SOS08 participants, which is why I signed up to begin with). It's actually a pretty darned simple pattern. Then I broke a needle. In the middle of the needle. It's a Harmony circular, too! I'm hoping this is an aberration, though after my HiyaHiya experience, this concerns me. I'm wondering if the socks are just snakebit.

    I hope your experience with the Noro yarn is better. I've finally managed a good inch with no yarn breakage, anyway.

    Love the wedding shawl, btw. I'm looking forward to examining it in person!


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