Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kauni Jacket Progress

As promised, here’s a photo of the Kauni cardigan’s progress as of Sunday evening. I did manage to drag my knitting to a bar and knit while waiting for my son’s band to do their inaugural performance at an open mic night. It was sweet to see the rockers in their 40s and 50s applauding their hearts out for the 15 and 16 year olds playing 60s rock. And at least I got almost to the end of the vertical half of the jacket! Glad it’s garter stitch so I could knit in the semi-darkness.

The photo is a bit blurred, which should teach me a lesson for only taking one picture that night. I must have moved my hand. But you get the idea. Don’t the stripes look fine? One thing I did to make the cardigan symmetrical was this. On the back, I knit through to the purple part of the striping. That was I think 2-3 inches past where the cardigan divided for the neck. Rather than just picking up on the front from that point on the yarn, I re-wound until I got to the next place in the skein where the shade of red I left off on came in, and made a new little ball, attaching that when it came time to finish the front. Now the front striping will perfectly match the back. There are a few more stitches in the front, so I may go further into the purple on the front, but the sequencing will be the same. If I run out, I know I’ll still have more from where I ended on the back, so I can keep going. That little bit of extra detail makes me happy. I may end up with two partial skeins at the end, but the garment will look good.

And, further good news is that I am positive I have enough yarn for the project! Since I will have two whole skeins left for the other (horizontal) side, I will be able to keep the striping pattern flowing no matter where the first skein ends, too. All good. If I am feeling up to it, I hope to finish the first side and move on to the second this evening.

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