Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Lovely New Stuff: Drool Time!

Today’s fun: stash enhancement. A kind gift certificate has brought new yarn into the fold without me actually buying any. And I didn’t waste it on anything mundane, either. I’ll be sharing the progress on the Kauni jacket tomorrow I hope, but until then, let’s drool! All these nice yarns came from the Simply Socks Yarn Co. online store, because they were the ones with the sale on the spectacular stuff I show you last.

First we see the Yarn of the Moment, Crystal Palace Mini Mochi, in the 102 colorway, which is mostly reds and purples. I know, it’s probably for ladies in the Red Hat Society, but I like those colors, too, just as colors. Everyone in blogging world loves this yarn, so I had to get some to handle and view for myself! And everyone’s right. The colors are vibrant and happy, and the single-ply fingering weight yarn is way softer than either of the Noro sock yarns. I think this will make much comfier socks than the Noro, though I still like some of the Noro colorways more and since its sturdier, think it will hold up and pill less than the Mini Mochi. Mini Mochi has the same feeling to it that Berroco Foliage had—nice and soft, but because of its nature, perhaps doomed to some pilling and shedding (which my alpaca Wrenna is doing quite spectacularly as well). I’d intended to save the Mini Mochi for socks, but if something more fun comes to mind, it may end up a scarf.

Next come two colorways of Berroco Sox Metallic. I may have mentioned that Tuba Boy asked for purple metallic gloves. I had seen some of this yarn that a friend got at Hill Country Weavers, and thought it would be what he wanted, but of course, they sold out before I had a chance to get any, even though someone offered to pick it up for me long before I’d have made it down there! When I saw that it was available at the Simply Socks Yarn Co. site, I went ahead and got him the purple one (not sure how it came out a bit blurry), and picked up the red one (which has gold metallic in it, ooh), too. I told Tuba Boy I’d make him the gloves to take off to college with him. Heck, even if he ends up in San Antonio, they will be a fashion statement. I will NOT make a complex pattern with the red, I promise.

Now for the really wonderful part of our show and tell. Look at these two hanks of yarn. You can even see their gleam in the photos! You see here Fleece Artist Nyoni, a wonderful blend of wool, silk, mohair and a bit of nylon. It’s only flaw? It’s not superwash, which makes it less than ideal for socks (for people who put theirs in the washer and dryer, anyway). I don’t care—I hand wash them all. But, you see. The wonder is this stuff was half off. You get over 800 yards for the price of a 400 yard hank that would make a pair of socks. These are big enough for a substantial wrap or small shawl! It’s the same blend as their Somoko superwash sock yarn (and I have a very bright yellow/orange skein of that).

Both colors are really something to behold in person. The green is rather bright, granted, and its name indicates it: Bright Moss. But when you look at it and touch it, the green seems perfectly reasonable. I think it would be gorgeous worn with black, or really any solid color. I have a couple of blue tops with bits of green in them that this would go well with, too. Mainly I just want to knit with it. It feels so incredibly soft, drapey, smooshy and perfect.

The second one is called Morgana. It has browns, grays and reds in it, and might not be as versatile as the green, but is still not too loud. There are many patterns that would work for it, too. I might even try to turn it into a vest. Who knows? There’s a lot you can do with 800 yards.

This whets my appetite for some big-time shoppin’ coming up. We are doing another trip to Paige and Brenham next weekend. I am going to carefully pick two things I want to make and TRY to just pick yarn for them, as birthday gifts from Lee, who has authorized this purchase. Wish me luck.

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  1. Suna, I just love the green one. It has a beautiful shine. It's great. Love to see what you make of it.
    And please, can you send me your snailmail adress? I want to send you something...


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