Monday, October 19, 2009

I am a Video Blogger

In an effort to cheer myself up (oh has it been a hard day, plus I am worried about my dad, who's had a death in the family AND has a wife with a badly broken arm), I think I will post my first video blog, courtesy of my fun iPod Nano that Lee got me.

It's the locally famous Pilar showing her latest piece of knitting (in the background, Susan and John Francis provide their usual "commentary"):

I hope to show you some other projects by the people I run into, and I hope you enjoy the little vignettes! And doesn't Pilar look great in those stockings? She has a perky hat to go with it, too.

And here's one more little preview. This is Andromeda, blocking! It was teeny, weeny, tiny when it came off the needles. Like the size of a bandanna. Tomorrow I hope to show you the finished product, which is at least the size of a large scarf!

I hope someone is here reading--not a lot of comments lately, but then, I haven't been a sterling conversationalist, myself. But, at least I have a knitting problem to stew on, and those are less horrible than family issues: I have a feeling I do not have enough silver yarn to finish the Vilai socks. Oops. I will see if I can find more on Ravelry or something!


  1. An Ipod Nano can take video??? Wow!
    I love the shawl-it's gorgeous!

  2. omg!!! I'd been told I should check out your latest blog...and with VIDEO!! WOW!!! super neat to see your vignettes! I feel so HONORED!!!!!!! I'm gonna fwd this on to my peeps so they can see the neat vid you took! is that ok?

  3. Sure Pilar, if it is OK with YOU, share away! Blogs are for sharing! I hope to get more, if I can just get to the yarn shop--had to WORK Wednesday.

  4. Love love love the video idea!!! How fun!


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