Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last Night

First, let me repeat that my silver Vilai socks with silver in them are incredibly pretty. Even dudes think so. I am really enjoying this pattern. Go Cookie A.

Last night a friend of my son's came over to pick yarn for some fingerless gloves. I thought he'd go for plain black or brown, but he chose a really pretty one that I'd bought with no real idea of what to do with it, the first time we went to the Fibers store in Brenham. That's it at right, GGH Magica. It makes long stripes and is worsted weight. It should be suitably "manly" but interesting. We chose the now-classic Dashing on Knitty. I think with just a few cables, the design will look good using this fun yarn. I'm real happy to get to use this yarn, and pleased that a teen actually ASKED for me to knit something for them. It's been a while since my kids asked, and besides, all they want is solid black (Ravelry link).

Actually, I gave away the set of mitts I'd made to test an easy pattern to share with the Mensa folks to the kid who works in the music shop we frequent, so that is two. The student who really took off from that course is churning those out now, for all her little high school friends. (The pattern was loosely based on one I found on the Internet, but now I have lost the original--I don't feel comfortable sharing the pattern online because it is just slightly modified from the original.) I guess I should make my own easy pattern and post it. These were knitted flat and seamed, and really are a good beginner pattern to practice knit and purl patterns on. Hmm. I am digressing again.

The other thing I wanted to mention was that last night I went through the latest Knitter's magazine before I went to sleep. I've probably mentioned before that the last couple of years I haven't found much I actually wanted to make in that magazine--they have items with interesting techniques, but that look either uncomfortable or unflattering, so I don't consider them (though I enjoy reading all the interesting articles). However, I found a couple of things that I quite liked in this one, especially some patterns using intarsia and self-striping yarns. Finally, something I actually LIKE using intarsia. There are afghans and pillows, plus a couple of nice sweaters--a brown textured cardigan that is really fun-looking, for example. Sigh, I wish I'd write these reviews WITH the magazine, so I could be more descriptive. But hey, at least I posted something!

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