Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Do You Think about This?

I wanted to show you the progress on the mitten I am knitting. It's the beautifully named (ha ha) Pattern 21 from Mostly Mittens, as I mentioned earlier in the week. Here is what it looks like now:
Mitten in Progress

My concern is that the colors are too close together, so they obscure the pattern. When I look at the photo, I think it looks fine. It is more subtle than it would have been in red and blue or something, but you can certainly see the design. Do you think it's good enough to keep going, or should I unravel the yarn and make socks?

I do think the next pair will be out of more contrasting yarns.

I am glad I switched to the "large" size of the mittens, since this Ella Rae Laceweight is really fine yarn. Right now, it fits great. I am enjoying working on the mittens, though wrapping every three stitches in the 5-stitch stretches sure slows me down, even when knitting with both hands. I guess there's no way to do fast stranded knitting! Or did I miss a hint somewhere?

I hope you are enjoying my daily posts while my work is still on hiatus. Lots of time to type now! Off I go to take my daily walk, have a tiny lunch, and knit!


  1. I think it's beautiful! I am too cowardly to try both chart-reading and stranding in one project...

  2. I like it! It's subtle, and interesting. (Do y'all really wear mittens in Austin?)

  3. Georgia--I will probably wear these at football games in the fall--that's the only time I am really outside in the cold. Of course if I kept up walking when it cools off, I could wear them then. Prior to having the mittens, I have worn my gloves and fingerless mitts a lot here.

  4. They look very 'Autumnal', I'd keep going, I couldn't bear to pull it out and I think it looks lovely :)

  5. I love it; but, I do think the colours are too closely matched. They bleed into each other instead of giving a nice, crisp delineation. However, I do love the subtle blending from one to the other. It's a real toss up. Do you want the pattern to "pop"? If you do, I'd unravel and start over. If you like the subtle mottling that you get and the "surprise" of the pattern hidden in the mix, then keep on going!

    As always, you do amazing work. :-)


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