Saturday, September 29, 2012


Don't I look snood-tastic?
I whipped up a snood today--my coworker has very curly hair and wanted me to make her a "hair net" to scrunch it all up so it will dry even curlier. We went out and got some bamboo crochet thread on Thursday, and since I did not see a snood pattern I really liked anywhere else, I made this one up. This is a draft, so let me know if you see any problems with it.


by Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall, ©2012
This snood was made to act as a hair net to hold curly hair in a scrunched-up position while drying, but also works as a traditional snood to contain long hair when it’s driving you nuts.
Materials: 2 skeins Aunt Lydia’s Iced Bamboo crochet thread in Chocolate Ice.
Hook: Size E 3.5mm
Elastic: 19-22” of black elastic cord (or a thin elastic hairband)


Increase section
Back View
Chain 6 and form into a loop.
Round 1: ch7, (tr1, ch3) 7 times, join with a slip stitch into the 4th chain of ch7.
Round 2: ch7, (tr1 into next space, ch3, tr1 into tr from previous round, ch3) to end of round. Join last ch3 to 4th chain of ch7.
Round 3: Repeat round 2.
Round 4: ch7, (tr1 into tr from previous round, ch3) to end of round, Join last ch3 to 4th chain of ch7.
Round 5: ch7, (tr1 into tr from previous round, ch3, tr1 into next space, ch3, tr1 into tr from previous round) to end of round. Join last ch3 to 4th chain of ch7. (The idea of this round is to tr into each tr from the previous round and every other space.)
This completes the increases.

Round 6: From now on, repeat round 4 until the snood is the diameter you want. Mine was 10 inches, to hold a lot of hair. (Note: in the original I did a couple of rows with dc instead of tr, for variety—that’s optional.)

Edge: dc in each tr and chain across, except in every other chain space, just do 2 dc. That snugs it up a bit.

Make elastic band: Cut a piece of elastic cord that’s about the same size as your head. Overlap for an inch or so and use sturdy thread to sew the elastic into a circle. You want it to fit like a headband—not too lose and not too snug—enough to stay on.

Add elastic to snood: sc into each sc of the previous row, over the elastic band, which will encase it and make it fairly invisible. You will have to squish the snood up a bit, by sliding the stitches along the elastic, to get all the way around. When you are finished, distribute the stitches evenly across the elastic. It will stick where the doubled part is, but the rest should move freely. End off and enjoy your snood!

If you don’t like how tight the elastic is, it’s easy to get to the seam and make it a bit more loose or tight.
Looks sorta sad with no hair in it

Tr=treble crochet
Dc=double crochet
Sc=single crochet

If you want a PDF of the instructions, post your email address in a comment, and I will send it to you and NOT publish your email address.

Updated October 14, 2012


  1. Thanks for the directions! I might just give it a try.

  2. That looks really cute on you, I hope your friend loves it

  3. Love this!

  4. I am looking for something other than a headscarf to keep my hair from blowing into my face in my husband's convertible ( and our other cars, none of which have functioning a/c). This looks perfect!

  5. It works for me when riding in our ranch vehicles!

  6. please help me with the edge, what do you mean by: except in every other chain space, just do 2 dc

  7. Hi Nada. Normally you'd do 3 dc in each chain space, but instead you'd do 3 in one and 2 in the next, all the way across.

  8. I used to make bun covers and snoods. Lately I've been lazy and just dome a ponytail. Maybe I need to make this snood and show a bit more style!

  9. This is a great project. To date I've made 5 for me, 3 for mom, 3 for hair stylist, working on another for sister now and mom requested 2 more for her Disney trip.I was looking for a more durable product (store nets deteriorate quickly - my opinion). Love it, thank you so much!


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