Monday, July 23, 2007

Glacier Lake Toe Up Sock Pattern

Better late than never, here's the Glacier Lake Sock pattern all written out. I have also posted it to Ravelry.

Glacier Lake Toe-Up Socks

I saw the stitch pattern on a baby blanket a woman was making in the Austin, Texas airport one day, and thought it would make a great sock pattern. This is the second pair I made using the pattern. It will look good with any yarn, and at any length. The socks’ name comes from the colorway, which was named after a photograph of logs on a lake at the base of a glacier by Ray of

The short-row gusset heel is a slight modification of the one I first encountered in the sock
Coupling from Knitty, and it’s become a favorite of mine. Try Coupling if you’d like to make another sock with a similar heel.

Materials: Knitivity Down Home Sock yarn (4 ounces/approx 113 grams, 480 yards), 1 skein, Glacier Lake colorway.

Needles: Whatever needle gets you 7 stitches per inch. Probably size 1-2.

Gauge: 7 stitches per inch (that’s 28 stitches per 10 cm for you metric people)


Use magic loop, two circulars or DPNs, whatever circular knitting method you like.

Cast on 14 stitches in Judy’s Magic cast-on, figure-8 cast on, Turkish cast-on the backward loop method, or any other method that creates a seamless toe.


Increase on each end of each side every other row until you have 64 stitches. I usually use M1 after the first stitch and before the last stitch on each end of a side.


Work in this pattern on the instep stitches:

Rows 1-4: P2, K3, ending with a P2
Row 5: Purl across
Repeat rows 1-5 for pattern.

Work in plain stockinette (K every stitch) on the sole stitches. When sock is three inches shorter than the desired length, start the gusset.


Increase Round: Work an M1 increase one stitch after the first stitch and one stitch before the last stitch on the sole side of the sock.
Plain Round: Work 1 round in established pattern.

Repeat these two rounds until there are 58 stitches on the sole needle.

Turn Heel

The heel is worked back and forth on the needle with the sole stitches.

Row 1 [RS]: K 39, turn work.
Even-numbered Row 2-10 [WS]: Sl 1, P19, turn work.
Odd-numbered Rows 3-9 [RS]: Sl 1, K19, turn work.
Row 11 [RS]: Sl 1, K17, W&T (wrap and turn).
Row 12 [WS]: Sl 1, P15, W&T.
Row 13 [RS]: Sl 1, K13, W&T.
Row 14 [WS]: Sl 1, P11, W&T.
Row 15 [RS]: Sl 1, K9, W&T.
Row 16 [WS]: Sl 1, P7, W&T.
Row 17 [RS]: Sl 1, K7, [K next stitch together with its wrap, K1] 3 times, pick up and knit 5 stitches (1 stitch in each slipped stitch) along edge of flap. Turn work.
Row 18 [WS]: Sl 1, P18, [P next stitch together with its wrap, P1] 3 times, pick up and P 5 stitches (1 stitch in each slipped stitch) along edge of flap. Turn work.

You will now have 66 stitches on the sole needle 28 heel flap stitches, and 19 gusset stitches on each side of the flap stitches.

Row 19 [RS]: [Sl1, K1] 13 times, sl 1, SSK. Turn work.
Row 20 [WS]: Sl 1, P26, P2tog. Turn work.
Repeat rows 19-20 until there are 32 stitches on the sole needle.

Repeat row 19 once more, but do not turn work.


When the heel is done, increase one stitch somewhere unobtrusive on the back of the sock (M1 works well) so that you will have 65 stitches (the stitch pattern in the round is a multiple of 5 stitches) in total, and proceed to do this pattern:

Rows 1-4: P2, K3
Row 5: P

Repeat Rows 1-5 in rounds until the sock is as long as you want it to be. Bind off loosely after completing a Row 2.

Copyright 2007 by Sue Ann Kendall. This pattern may not be reproduced for sale.


  1. I've just started following your pattern to make my first toe-up socks, i'm really looking forward to seeing how they come out!

  2. Thanks for sharing your patterns. Glacier looks like one I will enjoy ALOT! I am a stay at home mom, who is rarely ever home. Therefore, I am out and about knitting around town while toting the kids here and there. This looks like a GREAT pattern to take along! No complicated charts and counts to keep track of and fabbulous for multicolored, semi solid, or solid yarns. Looking forward to casting on later today!

  3. Know what's hilarious? I was trying to find the name of the black and white sock yarn that I bought for Jared's socks from Gauge, and this post of yours was on the first page of my google search.

  4. So I was using another toe-up sock pattern and it said the stupidest thing. It said, "knit around until the foot is long enough to touch the leg." I thought, WTF? Then I thought, I bet SueAnn's pattern explains this better. Sure enough! Thanks old friend!

  5. I'm three-quarters of the way through the heel and don't quite see how I'm meant to end up with 32 stitches; as I see it, there will be 30. It won't be hard to increase a couple (am not using the same stitch pattern so I need 64 sts for the leg), but am I missing something?

  6. Hmm, no one else has said that. But, I don't doubt you, Joan! You can just stop when you hit 32 stitches rather than increasing. I will try to look at it and see if I messed up--this heel is a bit different from the one I usually use, myself.

  7. Hello Just wondering if it is 14 stitches on each needle or 7 each (am using magic loop)
    Thanks Jantie01

  8. It's 7 stitches on each needle, and I apologize for the delayed answer!

  9. Do you have this pattern available as a PDFs?


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