Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Dance on Someone Else's Account

I found out today that the project I test knitted for my friend out of the Knitivity sock yarn in the Koi colorway will be in Knitty! Of course I can't share any more details, but I could not be more happy for my friend. I had fun technical editing the pattern--always nice to work on something on a topic I actually LIKE. I think you will enjoy the pattern as much as I did, so keep an eye out for it, though I am sure I will be providing a link as soon as I can!

More good news, I got two calls about jobs today. None long lasting, but I'd at least know when they begin and end. I think I could probably also keep doing some stuff for the folks I now work for (whom I like very much)--hope so--that job is independent contracting, so it could happen.

I am through the first section of the lace border on the Litla Dimun shawl, and I hope I can get more done this evening--been having lots of meetings in the evenings this week, and it won't let up soon. Most are meetings where knitting can be done, which is great! Plus, I have the advantage of working on a project that has shorter and shorter rows rather than longer and longer ones. Ahh.

PS: My coworker and I were looking at very sad images of Haiti before and after the earthquake. The docks were especially difficult to look at--they were there one day, not there the next. That can't make delivering aid easier. I hope all of us around the world can put aside our differences and help the innocent families in whatever ways we can.


  1. That's really exciting! I'll be watching for the link. =D

  2. That's wonderfully exciting! I will also be waiting for the link. Good luck with the jobs.


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