Monday, January 4, 2010

When I Concentrate...

...I can finish a pair of socks! Yes, I knitted the whole second Angee sock over the weekend. I did not diverge to anything else until I was done with it. And look how nice the socks look in the sun (appreciate this picture, because it is COLD outside).
It also looks nice in the shade. You can see the variations in the yarn a little better in this photo, I think. And wouldn't you know it, I finally got to where I could go through a whole bunch of pattern rows without moving my marker, which considerably sped up finishing these. I hate having to stop to move the see-through tape so I don't get lost in the instructions on complex projects like these. It ruins my knitting rhythm. On the other hand, these socks are worth it. Navy blue socks go with jeans, so these will get a LOT of wear, I predict. I hope the Chugiak yarn is as sturdy as it appears!

Now that these are done, I am going to cast on the Flaming Desire socks, using this same Pagewood Farms Chugiak in the reddish orange "Fruit Freeze" colorway I bought just a few weeks ago.

Speaking of buying yarn, the LYS is having a sale. Right now there is not much for me to buy there, but I saw some handspun that they'd had a long time ago sneak back on the shelves. I didn't let it sit there long. I wish they'd gotten some more of this vendor's yarn--it is spunky. I think I will make some of my favorite fingerless mitts for myself out of it. That will happen when I make those alpaca gloves--AFTER the next project. Sorry for the quality of this photo, but I got lazy and took it on my phone.

You may be wondering what I am going to knit next that is not socks. Well, I will go back to last year's resolution and work on finishing a previously unfinished project. Which one? Well, answering that will give me something to blog about tomorrow, won't it!

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