Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Nice Border on Litla Dimun

It has been a bit of a roller coaster this week, with lots of good possibilities for future knitting fun, but not a lot of job action...who knows what is going on with potential employers who say they are sending email but aren't...or keep canceling phone calls. But, I am in no hurry, since I still like what I am doing and my fun and funky coworkers.

One thing that has kept me centered is that the Litla Dimun shawl has been going fine. I did make a couple of boo-boos, but this yarn is a little easier to un-knit than the previous stuff I was working with. The Shetland wool is really "sticky" and hard to unravel, which also means that the stitches that are off the needles don't go anywhere. I could just pull out the yarn and stick the parts that were still correct back on. They did not unravel further! So, here's to burly, rustic Shetland wool!

And here it is:

I am through the lace border around the shawl's bottom. From now on, there is lace just going up the back "gusset" area, with the rest of it garter stitch. There is some subtle decreasing going on that looks like it will nicely shape the shoulder area and make it stay on really well. What a nice, simple pattern.

I am happy that there are a lot fewer stitches on the needle now. The shawl should move along quite smartly from now on. And I will also get back to working on the two lovely pairs of socks I have going (speaking of socks, I was looking for something else and found a pair I only knitted one of, so old it isn't even in Ravelry--guess I better finish them!). It's just that, for some reason, that warm, "sheepy" yarn really comforts me.

Thanks to all who posted supportive comments, and I wish you all good knitting, friendship and fun!


  1. Speaking of unraveling, my sister told me this week that a friend had told her that you can put fuzzy yarn (like angora)in the freezer and then it will unravel more easily. Do you know if this really works?

  2. Johanna, I am not sure if that works or not, though someone recently told me that putting knitting out in the cold made it easier to get pet hair off. Has anyone else had experience with freezing fuzzy yarn? I do have some mohair samples I could try to test on...


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