Friday, November 7, 2008

Anticipating Owning More Yarn

Tomorrow is Kid 'n Ewe! I hope to get some lovely new yarn there, unless all the Chicks with Sticks who went up today have bought it all already (oh sure, yeah). And this time, enough of any one thing to actually make something. I even made sure to know what I need for one project I'd like to do. Another thing I would like to make is a heavy cardigan. I guess I will look for one today and get the yardage/type down before I go to the festival.

Deana's going with me, and she will also patiently support me as I do my first wedding dress fitting. I hope I haven't gained a lot of weight! I don't think I have--all my pants fit the same.

I am still plugging along on the foot of the Comfort socks, though spending all last night working on our wedding ceremony meant very little knitting time. Of course, people would probably rather see a nice ceremony than have me stand there and mutely wave a sock around. It will definitely be a lovely event. We even have "what happens if it rains" covered--the officiant has an indoor labyrinth! I do have to get those socks done by next week, and I am a bit concerned, because I will spend most of tomorrow driving or looking at yarn, so that knocks out a big day.

The next few weeks I have to help Tuba Boy get his college applications in, do little wedding tidbit shopping, and clean the house a lot. Don't expect a lot of finished object posts from me!

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