Sunday, November 2, 2008

Try, Try Again

Mine Shaft Comfort Socks #2
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Here we go, the second pair of socks from the Lorna's Laces Mine Shaft yarn. I am ready to start the heel, which I have to look up instructions for, because there is an interesting one in More Sensational Knitted Socks that Charlene Schurch used with this Sailor Rib pattern. I think the sailor rib is very nice. I slightly modified her pattern by twisting the stitch on every row rather than every other row in the part that looks like a rope. Check it out up close to see the pattern.

I assure you it is very stretchy and WILL go on a normal human foot. So, I guess I am feeling a tad better about my prospects of actually finishing this and getting to work on other things some day.

It was a busy day at the yarn shop yesterday, with four students, each doing different things or at different paces. I think I did OK with it. In any case, it was fun meeting all the new people, two of whom turned out to have been neighbors in middle school. What is amazing is that one woman recognized the other's voice. That is just cool.

Nancy was on the center of her Silky Kerchief shawl, and I decided to have her do a different short-row technique to turn the corner than I did on mine (partly because I thought the other technique might work better and partly because I can't remember what I did on mine--that is what happens when you wing it). The shawl looks small, but as I recall, mine did, too until I blocked it, so we are all hoping blocking will make it big enough to wear. Mine is still a wee bit small, but I used it Saturday morning and it did keep chill off! It sure is fun seeing someone try to duplicate your work!

Nancy also let me have her copy of a book I will have to make some stuff out of--it's all home decor items. YarnPlay at Home, by Lisa Shobhana Mason, who is apparently local. She's quite talented at using simple techniques to create lovely items. There are a couple of rugs I like a LOT.

The other thing we did at the shop was look at sock patterns. I brought my entire notebook and everyone enjoyed looking at them. I am glad I could share them--seems like lots of people got new ideas from my endless supply of patterns, which is what I tend to do, as well--even if I don't knit a particular thing, it can give me an idea. Pat was so inspired that she disappeared into her office and emerged having printed us out MORE sock patterns. This cracked me up--just what I needed! However, one was a nice pattern with lace going down the heel, which I might make soon, so her efforts were all worth it!

Next weekend is Kid 'n Ewe, so I am glad I had lots of students. I do hope to get some yummy yarn!!


  1. Well, the other one flew away, try it again - if you did get it, remove this one...

    More sockpatterns, so you need more yarn, that is why you want more sockpatterns and you'll have to buy more yummie yarn, etc. :-)

  2. Those socks are coming out very nice.


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