Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wrap Me Up and pre-Nuptial Highlights

Wrap Me Up in Progress
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I finally got some photos of the Wrap Me Up wrap that I can share. Wow, this is one hard-to-photography item. It is so long, and parts of it curl up where stitches are hanging out, waiting to be attached. You just can't get a good view of the whole thing!

The first image here is of the last part I worked on. If you look at it up close you can see that the top part is a really nice twisted stitch pattern that would sure look good on a scarf or vest. Under it is a part with half linen stitch in the middle. And on the side are my nemesis, the bobble. I avoid them usually, because I hate how ratty they get after a while, but it was fun knitting them with the Cash Irhoa. I am now on a section that consists of a lot of triangles, which would make a really nice scarf (and probably IS some scarf pattern). It will get attached using three needle bind off. That technique is used in a couple of places in this pattern, with the bound-off edge on the right side, as a decorative element. I think it's a great idea.

If I finish decluttering my family room tonight, I may get to start attaching that part this evening. But, right now wedding prep takes precedence. I mean, I have to get moving! I have a wedding license now! (And our county apparently wins awards for its decorative licenses--I knew there was something noteworthy about this county other than having a round rock in it.)

The other photo shows the whole wrap laid out on my couch. It doesn't really tell much, does it?

And in knitting shop news, they gave me a little mini-wedding shower, or more like a "bachelorette party." They'd gotten me a really nice cake, of which I am sharing a photo, with red roses and a happy bride and groom on top (Pat had considered painting the bride dress red, but well, you know, ran out of time). I would have loved to try the cake but was so full from an incredibly delicious pre-Thanksgiving potluck at work that I couldn't cram any in. I will have some tonight! We had happy plates and napkins to go with the cake, and they put a red feather boa on me, so I felt quite festive.

I got some nice gifts--nice smelling bath things, some organic treats (plus a cute felt sewing bag), and the ever-so-appreciated Home Depot card (in a cute case!). Then there were the funny gifts. Pat had knitted me a fuzzy pink thong. Darn the luck, I think the hip measurement is TOO SMALL, so I will not be wearing it. There may be some photographs of it surfacing later--my phone ran out of space so I don't have one now. And then Pilar and Michelle brought in a most hilarious honeymoon kit with cute stamped message in two languages (makes me feel so bilingual). It contained water to hydrate us (I am sure we will need that), BOTH whipped cream and Magic Shell chocolate (gee, what is that for?) and a 6-pack of scented "massage oils" from our friends at K-Y. I did not open them all and smell them. Well, much hilarity ensued with THAT. It sure was nice to laugh and have some fun--see, I really AM enjoying my pre-wedding time like I said I would! Lee and the kids also got a kick out of the gifts.

I'll have to hide some of it from Tuba Boy, though, since he is dating now and informed me yesterday that it is entirely possible to be TOO sexy. I am so happy to have raised a boy with a healthy ego!

Now I just have to try to not break any more nails before the Big Day. I will knit carefully.

PS: at Chicks with Sticks yesterday, I saw some square needles. They felt really good, and the cable was silky smooth. Now I want some. I guess I better check it out on the Internets.


  1. Isn't it nice all that fun (when was your big date again or didn't you tell, couldn't find it on your blog?)?

  2. Sounds like you had a fun little party! Sorry I missed it. However, I had a fun time explaining to Teagan what the party was about ;)


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