Thursday, November 13, 2008

Comfort Socks Done and Gone!

Comfort Socks
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Yay for me, I did indeed finish the Comfort Socks on Tuesday night, got lots of photos taken, and then gave them to Suzanne so she can send them off to the recipient. it was nice to hear people compliment the finished product. Katy points out that my items look a lot better in person than on the blog. I think most of them look better full sized, too--you are always welcome to click on them to see details.

And for your convenience, I will put in a couple more photos of the socks that are more close up. Lee is the foot model, and he has larger feet than the recipient, so the heel looks wrong. But, in the end, these are very nice, serviceable socks. Shepherd Sock is strong, smooth yarn, but nothing to get all excited about. Luckily the colors can be quite exciting (these are subtly nice).

But since I was so good and knit these subtle socks, it was a real treat to start the cashmere blend stuff from Creatively Dyed. I did an entire ribbing section, but think 72 stitches is too wide. I think I will start the sock again at 64. The author of the Spring Cable socks said it could be easily adjusted, and sure enough, there's just a cable on the side, with the rest stockinet I can handle that. I don't want much to detract from the subtle flow of the colors in the Winds of Change colorway I chose (shown in last post, which, for some reason, got posted on the wrong day, but I have fixed it). MMM. it is pretty.

I got to do a bit on Wrap Me Up yesterday, and that was oh-so-excellent. Unfortunately, I saw that I had done a section in the main color that should have been the contrasting color. Then I looked and, lo and behold, that section was mostly the navy blue part of the main yarn. So, it contrasted anyway. I did not rip that. I did rip a few rows when I realized I had mis-read the pattern in the windowpane check block. So, I am still not out of my "knitting mistake" period. It's OK. I like knitting on that pattern.

I will have to sit down and do some Maelstrom, though. I am hopeful that a few repeats, at least, will get done over the weekend. With the wedding coming up, I have to do a lot of house straightening, so there may be less knitting in the next few weeks. I hope you can understand! I am SURE you can understand!

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  1. Beautiful socks!! They do look comfortable!!


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