Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buttons and Slogging...and Happy

Briefly: Today I am proud to be an American. I am glad I lived to see this day.

But back to knitting (you can read my other rants in my other blog--just ask for a link). Here's the final shot of that recent Baby Surprise Jacket with buttons on it. I could not find the little scottie dogs on it that I wanted, but I did find ladybugs in the right colors and size (I decided to NOT get sparkly ones, though there were some at the Hobby Lobby we went to). I'll keep looking for better buttons.

I am slogging away with the last sleeve on the orange Inka Alpaca sweater. I got quite a ways up on it, only to discover that the previous sleeve wasn't exactly done the way the instructions said. Unfortunately, I was following the instructions on sleeve #2. Because the first sleeve came out so nicely, I figured I'd better mimic it. So this one is going to take a long time. Sigh. I guess I better go back to work on it. I sure want to work on those ideas I've had and projects I want to work on. But. must...finish...sweater.

Bye, and enjoy the rest of an interesting day, or week.


  1. I think the ladybug buttons are adorable!! :-)

  2. This is a beautiful, beautiful BSJ! And yes, the rest of the world enjoyed your party too...:-)

  3. I love the colours in the jacket, and the ladybug buttons (I'm ladybug crazy!)


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