Monday, January 5, 2009

Knitting Video Game?!?

I hope to have the Baby Surprise Jacket done tonight, so will post about that later.

But OMG, when I read on Lime and Violet's site there was a knitting video game coming out, I had to go see. Yep, soon, if you are stuck with no real needles, you'll be able to do Wii Knitting (or Kniittiing). I am not sure exactly who the target audience is, but I give the creators credit for finding an as-yet untapped market!!

More tomorrow. And thanks to all for the nice comments about OpArt. The high school kids just LOVED it when I posted photos on Facebook!


  1. Ok, I don't know what I'm more intrigued by... the fact that there is a knitting wii game or that THE Fleegle left a note in your blog. (I love her heel design)

  2. Umm... I'm pretty certain that I am their target audience

  3. Well, I still don't really get the wii fun but this sure is extreme knitting: lots of work without the satisfaction of a real fo.


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