Thursday, January 8, 2009

OK, So Here's the BSJ

Since my passionate biography of my great knitting influence engendered no comments, I am hoping that large photos of a finished object will be more fascinating. (I hope this addresses the comments that my knitting looks better in person than on the blog, which I guess isn't fair to those of you I don't actually see in person!)

This evening I sewed the buttons on the Baby Surprise Jacket and asked my son to pose with Baby Kevin, who was the kids' toy when they were little and now is my baby product model. Beccano was pretty funny (and I uploaded even more photos on Flickr).

This first photo shows how it looks finished (and Beccano looking astonished). The arms are a little long, which is good, since I am hoping it will fit a baby more like 9 months old next winter. I hope Katie can move the buttons out for a little more growth, too.
The second photo lets you see the back, which shows the striping pattern. I really like it--just a pattern I made up, but I think it blends the blue, green and purple nicely. The colors of the O-Wool Balance are named after gems, so they are actually opal, jade and amethyst.

And the last photo is a close-up of the buttons, which I got at the LYS. They are pastel swirls that have all the colors in the sweater, plus a bit of yellow. I think they are pretty, but not too girly.

I had lots of fun knitting this, and sure hope the recipients like it, even though it is not a very traditional looking baby item. I have started another one in Plymouth Encore Sock DK in white, reds and blacks, for the next baby, also a girl. Also not traditional. Sigh. That's me, not traditional. Then for SURE I stop with the new projects and work on Orange Sweater and Maelstrom (sure, Suna, sure).


  1. Goodness, he's gotten grown, your boy. ;-)

    (Mine? Is a sophomore in college now, believe it or not.)

    Beautiful baby jacket, by-the-by.


  2. Yes, he is well over 6 feet and still going (to his brother's chagrin). The brother goes to college next fall. If he ever finishes applying...

  3. it looks great!!! Was it as difficult to make as people have said?

  4. Jen, see next blog post for your answer.

  5. Beccano made me giggle aloud when I saw these! (and the jacket came out great!)


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