Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bridget Is a Bridget!

After a lot of whining, here is the finished Bridget cardigan.

I am relieved that she came out fitting so well. I'm not sure if I really like how the bottom bells out, but that's what the pattern told it to do! I do like how the shawl collar looks (after reattaching it three times, I am especially glad it came out good), and I like the sleeve length.

I love how the yarn is interesting but not distracting. That is what I wanted. I think this will go with almost anything I want to wear it with! Quite the contrast from that Kauni cardigan, huh?

Everyone who sees it gets all excited about the buttons. Invariably they ask how I got them to match so well, so I get to gleefully recount how Georgia made them to match exactly, and I get to brag about how talented she is, a thing I have been doing for nearly 30 years. Wow, I'm old. It is amazing what polymer clay can do in the hands of someone with some training. These do NOT look like the clunky beads I have made!

And one more parting shot so you can see the back. And my extremely red nails. I am really looking forward to wearing this cardigan often in the fall. Actually, a cool front has come through (yay, 'cause our upstairs air conditioning unit went out), so I think I will wear it to dinner at friends' house tonight! It will get down into the 50s, I think (sorry Trine/Yvonne/Umme and any other Europeans/Asians, I am a crummy temperature converter).

I actually finished the Flit 'n Float scarf today at the LYS while I helped Sue Ellyn on her first sock (with interesting bumps in that process!). I will get to blocking on that one as soon as I don't have a headache. So, soon there will be another pretty thing to decorate the blog with! By the way, Sue Ellyn makes wonderful soap and gave me some minty/rosemary stuff that I can't stop sniffing!

I keep wanting to wear my Converse sneakers but not wear wool socks. This means I need to make more summer socks. I have some Panda Cotton staring at me, so I may be alternating working on socks with that and continuing on my Hopscotch socks (photo to come on that).

What pattern will I use? I may try this one that Emily just posted, called Air Raid Socks. They are short and airy, so would be good for summer. I had thought of using the left-over yarn from Flit 'n Float to make them, but I weighed what I have left, and there is 4 ounces on the main skein, plus quite a bit on the second skein (remember, the yarn came with over 800 yards), so I think I can make a big pair with the sumptuous green Nyoni.

Sigh, so much to knit. But that is not a bad problem to have!


  1. Your cardigan is gorgeous! That yarn is perfect for it.. like you said, interesting but not too busy. It looks really lovely and very wearable.

  2. This sweater is just glorious! I love the bottom flare ... and the buttons are too yummy for words. But the best part? That you can wear it tonight! :-)

  3. This is a superb sweater. I love the fit, the color, the shawl collar, and the good knitting.

  4. I loooove Bridget, you look gorgeous in it! And indeed, 50s is quite chilly (is that a word?). Here's to you:

  5. Heh, the first time I read a blog that posted temperatures in Fahrenheit, I was so confused. And amazed. "Wow, they have temperatures up to 50 degrees?! How do they LIVE!?" - until I realised that 50 F is about 10 C. Which is chilly. :P

    Love the buttons you put on this. Very cool that they were custom made to match!

  6. It is really elegant--and it fits you so well!

  7. The sweater is elegant--and fits you so well!

  8. It looks great and the little bell at the bottom emphasizes the waist shape which is very nice.


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